Welcome to Dante

With a passionate curiosity for learning fueled by my imagination for all things I have wandered and wondered . It seems to me now that this path began on my father’s bookshelf. There omnipresent in the upstairs hallway were his old text books from college and university, biology, geology and forestry. Every month new explorations and research accompanied by amazing photographs came wrapped with a familiar yellow border to the house, promising travel and adventure to a distant land I could not ignore.

I think it was on an extended backpacking trip through the Adirondack’s High Peaks Region with my first camera that I became intrigued with the landscape and the awesome beauty of the natural world. I learned to pack out what you pack in and to leave no trace of your stay in the backcountry. Along the wooded trail, dotted with dead ponds, I was introduced to the effects of acid rain, and my embrace of conservationism quickly followed

The design of the landscape led me to gardening. Living in the Pacific Northwest is a delight as the temperate maritime climate allows us to grow such a wide variety of plants. In the garden, I find my refuge.

With my camera, I find ways to explore the world around me and learn new things every day. In photography, I have been continually challenged as both an artist and a scientist. The process of creativity is what I love the most.

Why choose us?


Photography: 100%
Graphic Design: 100%
Photoshop: 80%
Illustrator: 70%
InDesign: 100%